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Owney Stamp Event - First Day Issue

 Owney stamp cancel Owney stamp  

The Golden Gate Railroad Museum's ex-Union Pacific Railway Post Office car UP5901 became an official post office for the day as we celebrated the issue of a new stamp for Owney, the Railway Post Office dog.

The special guest of the day was Bentley, winner of the “Owney look-a-like” at the Niles Dog Show on July 16th. A special cache was printed for the day and people lined up to have mail canceled in the RPO by USPS clerk Kuldip Kaur. The cancel (depicted above) is a replica of the cancel applied to mail on train 101, the Streamliner City of San Francisco.  Retired Railway Mail Service clerks Howard White, Jim Briggs and Bill Jackson told stories of their days riding the rails working the mail.

A special addition to the display train was our SP 2472 fresh off its annual inspection and ready to steam again for the Autumn Steam event on Labor Day weekend. GGRM president David Hensarling presented two commemorative plaques. The first is dedicating the car to the retired Railway Mail clerks and thanking the retired clerks who have given their time to help restore the interior of the car. The second recognizes the grants received from Union Pacific and the National Railway Historical Society. It also recognizes the generous donations of the members of the GGRM. The plaques will be on display inside the car.

Owney souvenirs are available in the new GGRM store.

Owney on a mailbag   Bentley on a mailbag
Owney for a day  On July 16th, GGRM participated in the annual Niles Dog Show with a “Owney look-a-like” category. Winner Bentley, a terrier mix, poses on a mailbag (right) during the event. Three years ago Bentley came to the Niles Dog Show as an orphan looking for a home. He was adopted by Judy Perry who never imagined Bentley would someday have his day in the sun.  The image on the left depicts the real Owney (courtesy of the National Postal Museum).
Owney in the door of a mail car   Bentley in the door of UP5901
Owney and the retired RPO clerk reunion In the photo on the left (courtesy of the National Postal Museum) Owney stands in the door of an early mail car.  Retired clerks (LtoR) Howard White, Jim Briggs, Bill Jackson recreate the scene, posing with Bentley (Owney of the day) in front of the UP 5901 RPO.
USPS clerk cancelling mail   UP5901 dedication plaque
USPS clerk Kuldip Kaur (left photo) applies the RPO cancel to mail brought to the car. UP 5901 was an official post office for the day. On the right, Jim Briggs holds the plaque dedicating the UP 5901 to the Railway Mail Service clerks and the retired clerks who have helped us restore the interior to represent a working Railway Post Office.
Past and present representatives of the USPS  Gurpreet (Gopi) Sohal (USPS), Claudia Calero (USPS), Jim Campbell (USPS Regional retired), Howard White (Retired RPO clerk), Juanita Sundseth (USPS), Jim Briggs, Bill Jackson (Retired RPO clerks), Kuldip Kaur (USPS), Bentley (Owney doppelganger).